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When You Find Out Who You Are: An Iconoclastic Loner of Acid Folk?

Posted on September 7th, 2017   Comments

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 10.42.09 AMAre you having a bad trip? Me too. Bummer. Did we drop acid? No. This is 2017: racism is back. A spirit of meanness is in the air. We are living in an ignorocracy led by a reality star who believes the US Constitution is an employee manual that he wrote and can rewrite as needed. No, this is reality. Therefor, I highly recommend an astonishing book by Jeanette Leech called  Season They Change : the Story of Acid and Psychedelic Folk.

What astonished first was that the title is the first line of  “The Circle Is Unbroken”  [see below] which was written by my friend Robin Williamson in 1968. Williamson co-founded the Incredible String Band in 1965 and played harp and hardanger fiddle on my CD Rivers Kings and Curses in 1998. “Will Ye No Come Back Again”

What also astonished was the revelation that for all these years of playing music, I never knew there was a genre called Acid Folk (folk music recorded during and in the aftermath of self-awareness brought on originally by psychotropic drugs.) I wasn’t doing acid but many of the people who influenced me, did so frequently in the 1960s.

The epicenter of Acid Folk is an album I know inside and out: The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter [right], also by the Incredible String Band. Most astonishing was the realization that without knowing it, I had become and perhaps always was, an Acid Folk musician. Am I no longer a Non-Traditional Traditionalist? Not necessarily. Non-Traditional Traditionalism is, I have realized/decided, a sub genre of Acid Folk.

Spyros w guitarNow: How’s your Greek? Mine is not too good. Even so, I highly recommend Magic Mixture, a two hour radio program broadcast weekly on the Greek National Radio station on Corfu. From folk to punk, Spyros Hytiris hosts the two  hour program in which, because of his impeccable taste and encyclopedic knowledge, he showcases the best of any genre or sub niche, often drawing connections you had never thought of before.

His November 2nd broadcast in 2016 was entitled (in English) “Acid Folk in the New Millennium.” It featured an hour long segment on my music entitled Folk And Beyond . [All uploaded to SoundCloud.] Cheers, Spyros!


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