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What people say:

  • dnl-300STEVE HOCHMAN, the LA Times: “Excellent . . . Lloyd is as much American influenced as British”
  • ROBIN WILLIAMSON, the Incredible String Band: “Wry, witty, acute and literate with a unique slant on the Celtic/American material. I really like his songs.”
  • DAVID HOCHMAN, beGlad: “A strongly individual musical and poetic mind is at work here.”

“David Nigel Lloyd,” wrote the British magazine Folk Roots, “uses traditional tunes and themes where it suits his purposes.” With his “spirited singing and full-bodied playing,” as Dirty Linen put it, Lloyd accompanies himself on guitar and the 8-stringed octar. “David Nigel Lloyd is some serious traditional fun,” concluded the LA Weekly.

Though he sometimes sings traditional songs as he finds them, DNL often overlays them with new but related lyrics. In them, the olde Anglo-Celtic pantheon of demon knights, faerie queens and divine drunkards are often found wandering the deserts, mountains and boom towns of California where DNL has lived most of his life. And he still composes the sort of art songs that distinguished his first album, Dark Ages, in 1984.

For a limited time, David is giving away three representative songs from Rivers, Kings and Curses, his CD that was featured on “the Best of 2008” episode of NPR’s Celtic Connections. One of the tracks features the legendary Robin Williamson on Celtic harp.

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