half size blank slug

 Feste Strumpet 15 PLAYFrom the feature film Shakespeare’s Plan 12 From Outer Space starring Kay Lenz comes “The Rain it Raineth Every Day” by David Nigel Lloyd. [click on picture to watch]


DNL 9-13 4 LRDavid Nigel Lloyd is “an iconoclastic loner of Acid Folk.” OK. How did he get that way? It began in an upstairs spare room stacked high with strange record albums. He was 13. It was 1967. There he discovered free jazz; electronic music; folk music of every description; contemporary underground bands; classical guitar; Indian ragas . . .  all of it alluringly broken and far-off  in his mind. He never set out to be iconoclastic or a loner. If somebody had said ‘Acid Folk,’ he probably would have run away. All he wanted to do was listen and respond.

And so, that’s what he did.
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